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                                 News and Recognition


Congrats Amar on your promotion to Professor.  Amar thanks mentees, mentors, collaborators for making the journey an exciting one so far.




Congrats Yu-Tzu and Jason on acceptance of your paper at Neuron So happy for your success and excited to get this work out.  Excited to build on these findings in our ongoing work.  Our paper is covered by Spectrum Autism Research news


Thank you NIH/NIMH for your continued support ($3 million R01) for our work on inhibitory circuits and social cognition


Lab receives 2 year $750K grant from SIMONS SCPAB to continue work on aging and cognition 


A Trifecta for Travis:

Congrats Travis on being awarded a K99 NIMH Pathway to Independence award.  Truly awesome news.

Congrats Travis on your Japan Neuroscience Travel Award. Kanpai!

Congrats Travis on your KappaCon Travel award!



Congrats Ain on your Tenure Track BME Faculty Position at KAIST.  Really Fantastic news!! Cant wait to see your discoveries!

Congrats Travis on your SOBP Travel Award.  Well done.  Great network to be a part of.


Congrats Jason on your NIA Diversity 2 Year Postdoctoral Grant to support your work on PV INs, aging and social cognition!  Terrific news!


Excited to be awarded NIA R01 for our ongoing efforts to improve memory in aging and MCI.  Thank

you!  Team work!


Congrats Hannah on acceptance of your paper!  Well done.  Very excited about your findings & Congrats on DFG Transition Grant.  Well-deserved and Good luck! 



Congrats Cinzia on a 2021 MGH FMD Fundamental Research Fellowship.  Well done!


Our ongoing efforts to dampen hippocampal hyperactivity and increase GABAergic inhibition to maintain memory precision is highlighted in this article from the SIMONS Foundation.  Boosting the Brain’s Brakes to Beat Memory Loss

The lab's work on neurogenesis, aging and memory is featured alongside that of other memory researchers in Lauren Aguirre's novel "The Memory Thief: And the Secrets Behind How We Remember"

Congrats Yu-Tzu on a 2021 MGH FMD Fundamental Research Fellowship.  Well done!


Congrats Lina on Summa Cum laude and Highest Honors in Neuroscience for your thesis! 

Onward to medical school. Well done!


Congrats Michael on a 2021 Warren DuPont Fellowship in Psychiatry.  Well done!



Congrats Antoine and Nannan on starting independent investigator positions (INSERM, Montpelier France and SMU, China).  Well deserved and I look forward to your discoveries. 


2 new exciting projects are funded by  The Simons Collaboration on Plasticity and the Aging Brain.  Stoked to be a part of this collaborative venture

Congrats Travis on a 2020 NARSAD (BBRF) Young Investigator Award.  Well done!


Congrats Travis on your Perspective on Engrams and Memory Indexing

"An Integrated Index: Engrams, Place Cells, and Hippocampal Memory" (Neuron August 6 2020


Congrats Antoine and Samara on your study in Cell Reports delineating differential contributions of dorsal and ventral Hippocampal CA3 outputs (to CA1 and Dorsolateral Septum, DLS) and Parvalbumin Inhibitory neurons to contextual fear discrimination.


Inspired by ongoing work & gaps in the field,  we review Communication, Cross Talk, and Signal Integration in the Adult Hippocampal neurogenic niche in Neuron. Congrats Cinzia and Nannan




Check out our review in Nature Neuroscience proposing a new model for how adult-born neurons contribute to memory processing.

Amar is named a 2019 MGH Research Scholar thanks to the generous philanthropy of James and Audrey Foster.  Thank you!



Our paper entitled "Dorsolateral septum somatostatin interneurons gate mobility to calibrate context-

specific behavioral fear responses" is published in Nature Neuroscience (Feb 04, 2019). 

Congrats Antoine, Michael and Hannah and our collaborators.   Check out the MGHEurekaAlert press release. And HSCI Press Release here.

Check out an interview with Alcino Silva, Sheena Josselyn and Amar on memory in the MGH magazine Proto



Congrats Antoine on acceptance of your paper in Nature Neuroscience demonstrating a role for a potentially hardwired subpopulation of DLS SST interneurons and GABA long range projection neurons in calibration of adaptive fear responses. Awesome news!


Amar is awarded a 2018 AARG Alzheimer's Research Grant.  We are thankful for the support !


Congrats Antoine on your paper (Besnard et al, Cell Reports) describing a stress sensitive transcription factor moderating fear responses!  Terrific.  Read the Press Release here. and here.

Congrats Hannah on 2 year DFG fellowship!  Well deserved.

Exciting to see the NIH Director discuss and share our recent paper (NMED 2018) on how FFI maintains hippocampal indexes and remote memory precision in his monthly blog post on recent advances in science and medicine.


Congrats Dr. Tara Raam on a successful thesis defense and a really great seminar!  Onward to Hopkins for an exciting postdoc!

Congrats Michael for your successes in PhD Neuroscience program interviews (Hopkins/Harvard/Yale) and we are happy you are staying in Boston!

Congrats Alec on admission to Harvard Medical School.  Indeed, crimson is your favorite color!

Congrats Kate on joining Biogen!  Exciting times ahead!




Congrats Nannan on identifying a role for feedforward inhibition in DG-CA3 in governing generalization of remote memories in adulthood and aging (Guo et al, Nature Medicine, Accepted).  Awesome news!


Congrats Tara on edifying the role of Hippocampal Oxytocin receptors in social memory (Nature Communications).  Terrific, well-done! Onward! Read Press Release here.


Watch Amar talk about new studies on rejuvenating and re-engineering aging memory circuits at the 2017 NYAS Neuroplasticity, Neuroregeneration and Brain Repair symposium.

Lab is awarded Ro1 from NIMH to support investigations into social memory circuits.  Thank you!


Congrats Cinzia on your 2017 NARSAD YI Grant! Awesome.


Amar is awarded a 2017 HSCI Seed grant for lab's work on novel neurogenic regulators.  Thank you!


Our review on Targeting Adult Neurogenesis to Optimize Hippocampal Circuits in Aging is out.

Amar  is awarded a 2017 NARSAD Independent Investigator Grant for our ongoing work on human cellular reprogramming.  Thank you!

Congrats Tara on 2017 Wisconsin Symposium on Emotions Travel Award.

Watch Amar talk about what drives the research in the Sahaylab (and a preview of work to come).


Thanks to NIA and McKnight Foundation for  opportunity to present a "short talk" (click here) on our work on adult hippocampal neurogenesis and aging at CASIII.



Our paper on Neurogenesis, neuronal competition, memory, remapping and aging is out in Neuron.   Check out blurb. Congrats Kate!

Lab receives Ro1 funding from NIA.  Fuel for our science on memory and aging.


Alexia is awarded one of Harvard's 2016 Hoopes Prizes for outstanding senior honors thesis.  Congrats! We are super happy for you! (Co-advisors: Amar Sahay and Arthur Kleinman)


Lab receives catalytic pilot funding from Harvard Neurodiscovery Center (HNDC)/Mass. Alzheimer's disease research center (MADRC).  Excited about uncovering new biology!



Read about HIP mentors discussing their passion for mentoring undergraduate HIP interns


Amar shares his perspective on Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis along with colleagues in The Scientist.


Sahay lab receives award from Ellison Family.  We are grateful to Ellison Family for their support of our work on memory processing in aging and Alzheimer's disease.


Lab celebrates mentored-undergraduate research with paper accepted in Hippocampus


Amar is awarded a 2015 HSCI development Grant. 


Congrats Tomer for hitting homeruns on his PhD Program Neuroscience-Interviews at Columbia,

UCSF, MIT......and he is off to UC Berkeley for his Ph.D.  We couldnt be more happier for you.


Congrats Shannen! She graduates with Highest  honors in Neurobiology.





Sahay lab receives 2014 Inscopix Decode Award to combine optical imaging and behavior


Amar's application for 2014 AFAR New Investigator Award in Alzheimer's disease is selected for funding (but unfunded because of loss of eligibility owing to receipt of a nonoverlapping BRAINS Ro1!)


Amar is awarded a $2.75 million (total award) 2014 Biobehavioral Research Awards for Innovative New Scientists (BRAINS Ro1) from the National Institute of Mental Health.


Congrats Antoine on being awarded a 2014 NARSAD Young Investigator Award from the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation. 


Congratulations to Tara Raam and Hugo Ramirez for clearing their PQEs


Congratulations to Melissa Boldrige for her honor’s thesis in the lab and graduation.


Kate gave a talk on her work at the 2014 HSCI Annual Retreat


February 2014 saw us organize the first international meeting on Adult Neurogenesis in

mainland Asia in Mumbai, India (Adult neurogenesis: From Stem Cells to Therapies).  Exciting science from around the world and in India.


Insights Into Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Mood Disorders From Adult Neurogenesis and Neural Circuitry Studies-A Conversation With Amar Sahay




Watch Amar talk about how neurogenesis may be harnessed to modulate mood.

Kavli American-Israeli Symposium 2013


Amar is faculty co-chair of the 2013 HSCI Annual Malkin Retreat,  a day for sharing inspiring science


Kate's abstract was chosen for a talk at the Stanley Center Symposium on the Emerging Genetics and Neurobiology of severe mental illness at the BROAD Institute.


Tara Raam joins lab as first graduate student!  Exciting.


Congrats to Sally for her graduate school offers.  Starting NYU Neuroscience in the fall!




Congrats to Antoine on receiving grants from the Bettencourt-Schueller and Philippe Foundations


Amar was awarded a Whitehall Foundation Grant and a  Ellison New Scholar in Aging Award


Nannan, Kate and Antoine join the lab




Sally Levinson is lab's first hire. 


Amar receives 2011 Janett Rosenberg Trubatch Career Development Award from Society For Neuroscience


September 2011. The Sahay lab is born. 


Our Smart mice make it to NPR...

Wait, Wait dont tell me.

Also, read about in MIT Tech Review.






Mice with more adult-born neurons are smarter.. - Sahay et al..
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