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Amar co-directs a stem cell course as part of the BBS curriculum.  In addition, he lectures in different courses offered to graduate students at HMS and Harvard University and psychiatry residents in the McLean-MGH Training program.  He gives the Introduction to Neuroscience lectures in the Leder Human Biology Program (Harvard and MIT). 



HBTM 235 (BCMP 235)-­ Principles of Human Disease: Physiology and Pathology 

Fall 2022-

Course Director: Connie Cepko PhD

(Leder Human Biology Program, Harvard and MIT)

Introduction to Neuroscience 1, II, III lectures (Amar Sahay)

CB 226 Concepts in Development, Self-renewal and Repair

BBS Graduate program, HMS

Fall 2014-2019

Co- director with Iain Drummond

Overview: The purpose of this class is to teach critical thinking about development and regenerative biology. Student involvement in discussions and critique of published work is the core strength of this course. We prepare students to critically assess the current state of the art in stem cell biology and apply the same approaches to their own research.

Course Description: This course explores developmental mechanisms that persist throughout the life cycle, examining pluripotency and cell fate restriction in embryos and adult tissues. The course is divided into 3 Units.

Unit 1 (4 Fridays) will examine general developmental mechanisms that are essential for both tissue formation and self-renewal. Special emphasis will be given to lineage restriction and cell fate determination in embryos.

Unit 2 (4 Fridays) will analyze the renewal and repair of specific adult tissues. We will emphasize in vivo approaches to understanding how tissues renew or repair themselves following normal wear or wounding.

Unit 3 (4 Fridays) will explore new frontiers of stem cell and regenerative biology. We will cover regeneration in emerging model organisms, cancer stem cells, and bioengineering approaches to regenerative medicine. In the final class, we will discuss general themes from the course content.


Lecture in DRB 330 course (Director: Paola Arlotta, Spring 2015)


Lecture in Neuroscience course for PGY2 Psychiatry residents (Director: Justin Baker) (Fall)


Lecture in Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology 200 Course (Director: Lee Rubin) (Spring 2014)


Lecture in Interesting Questions in Physical Biology MCB 294 (Takao Hensch Module) (Fall 2013, 2015, 2018, 2021, 2022)


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